Test Prep Day

When looking to prepare your child to take the Gifted & Talented test, it's hard to know where to start. There are few resources or practice tests available, and even with those resources, it can be hard to make sense of their results.

For one day only this year, we are offering our evaluation services and practice test for the Kindergarten Entry Gifted & Talented for 50% off!


Practice Test Day will be August 3rd, 2019, with slots available from 9 am - 6 pm.

Sessions will take place at our office, located in Greenpoint.

The cost of the practice test is $50 (50% off $100 in-office practice test!).

This hour-long evaluation session includes a practice test along with a free consultation after the child is finished taking the test. After the evaluation session is completed, an in-depth evaluation summary will be emailed within 48 hours.

Terms & Conditions:

This offer is good for one session only, and cannot be used on any day other than August 3rd, 2019. Only 8 time slots are available. This offer is first come, first serve and once all 8 time slots have been booked the offer will be closed. If you pick a time slot that is no longer available, the offer will not be available for use at any other time.