Is It Resistance or Anxiety?

Hearing from your child, “Because I don’t want to!” is a familiar experience to all parents. When it’s being said about attending school or working on schoolwork, it can be especially frustrating. While there are a million reasons why your child could be responding in that way - hunger, fatigue, boredom - it could be anxiety disguised as resistance.

There are three types of anxiety:

  • Social Anxiety

  • Separation Anxiety

  • General Anxiety

When your child is feeling anxious, it can lead to behavior that looks like acting out, but underneath the behavior is anxiety. Many of the students we work with have anxiety related to school and schoolwork. Below are some examples of how it can affect their behavior. 

  • Crying or throwing tantrums when being dropped off.

  • Trying to avoid group work.

  • Struggling to adjust when the schedule is changed/disrupted. 

  • Inattentiveness during lessons

  • Becoming fidgety/restless during lessons.

  • Struggling with certain subjects and are resistant when trying to work on it.

Anxiety is something that many children deal with on a daily basis. Being able to recognize that a child’s behavior stems from anxiety is the first step to helping them to manage it. In our next post, we’ll discuss ways to help your child to manage their anxiety so that it won’t interfere with their academic growth!