How to Manage Anxiety

As parents, it’s a natural instinct to safeguard children from school and life’s anxious moments!

BUT… It’s important to keep in mind that as parents and educators, our role is not to eliminate anxiety completely, but to help children learn to manage it. Providing children with a tool kit to control and navigate their anxiety is an essential skill that will serve them for a lifetime. 

Below are some simple ways to help your child manage their anxiety: 

  • Go through a visual agenda of the day with children 

  • Breathing exercises

  • Relaxation kit. This could include: toys, color pens, and books, balls, music… or anything else! 

  • Create a worry journal and worry box 

  • Muscle relaxation exercises 

  • Talk about what is making them anxious 

Whilst the self-concepts confidence and self-esteem get thrown around so much in adulthood and teenage years, building on these self-concepts in childhood is absolutely pivotal in managing and coping better with anxiety in children. Healthy levels of self-esteem and confidence play a major role in managing anxiety for children. Building on these concepts allows children to think positively about themselves and their efforts, allowing them to feel ready to face everyday school and life stresses. 

At Lil’ Eggheads, we use several tools throughout our sessions to build on these concepts, including:

  • Positive self goals

  • Praising them when they do something correctly 

  • Setting rules and being consistent 

  • Encouraging their thoughts and ideas

  • Promoting creativity and learning  

As parents, after being able to recognize signs of anxiety in children, the next step is to ensure we are providing them with the resources and skills to learn to manage their anxiety. Just like learning new concepts at school, helping your child manage their anxiety is a continuous work in process… it takes practice, persistence and time!