Getting You and Your Child Kindergarten Ready!

Entering Kindergarten is a big event for both parents and students. It’s an incredibly exciting time, but that doesn’t mean it’s without stress.

For the students and parents alike there are a lot of major adjustments involved, and changes of any kind can be hard. In addition to schoolwork and academics, children may not be used to sitting for long stretches of time, interacting with other children their age, or being away from their parents for the whole day. Parents may have a hard time not being able to assist their child in the same ways and adapting to the increased pace and expectations of Kindergarten.

Despite the stress surrounding the upcoming changes, there are some ways to help make sure both children and parents are comfortable during this transition. One of the best ways is to start preparing your child for what they will be learning in the classroom as well as the classroom itself. Below are some of our favorite ways to do this:

  • Talking with your child about what they think Kindergarten and school will be like. Additionally, reading stories about Kindergarten can help open up a conversation about what they can expect.

  • Having them describe what they are doing to work on sequential order. (“First I take out my toothbrush, next I put toothpaste on it, then I brush my teeth with it, and last I rinse my toothbrush off and put it away.”)

  • Playing descriptive games such as 20 Questions or I Spy to help build their descriptive vocabulary. Encourage them to use adjectives such as “shiny/dull”, “big/small”, “loud/quiet”, etc.

  • Practice writing their name with them and make sure they are familiar with the letters in their name.

  • Reading with them and talking about the story together to help them to understand the story.

  • Doing activities that involve counting and comparing more/less.

In addition to working at home, Lil’ Eggheads offers a summer program to help bolster these skills as well.

The Kindergarten Readiness program is specifically meant to help prepare your child for their upcoming transition into school. Using activities and games, children work on building the skills they need for the classroom, such as expressive/receptive language, social/emotional, physical development, and get an introduction to the type of schoolwork they will be working on in September.  

For more questions about the Kindergarten Readiness program, email or click here to sign up today.