Core Skills Fun & Games: Letters

With G&T testing season winding down, parents often ask, “Now what?” And after taking a well deserved break, we turn our attention to Kindergarten prep! 

We like to think of Kindergarten prep as working on the “core skills” of numbers 1-15, colors, shapes, letters, and simple patterns. For the next few weeks, we’ll share some of our favorite games and activities to introduce and practice these skills with your child.

This week, we’ll focus on letters. Whether your child has no familiarity with letters or knows them all backwards and forwards, this is a fun game to practice letter recognition and beginning letter sounds.

Musical Letter Squares

What you need to play:

  • Floor space

  • 26 sheets of paper with one letter per sheet

  • Music

  1. Take out the letter squares, which each have one letter per sheet of paper

  2. Scatter these squares all over the floor, and make sure there are no obstacles that you or your child could bump into

  3. Have your child pick the music

  4. When the music starts, start walking around on the different letter squares

  5. When the music stops, freeze!

  6. Identify the letter that you have each landed on

  7. Continue until all or most of the squares have been landed on

Extra Game Ideas:

  • Alternate different ways of moving on the squares: hopping like a bunny, jumping like a frog, slithering like a snake, crawling like a dog, etc.

  • Remove the letter squares as you go along, until there are none left

  • Limit the letter squares to 5-10 at a time in order to make it less intimidating

  • Put both upper and lowercase letters on the squares, or the case that your child is less familiar with to make it more challenging

  • Have the child say the beginning sound of the letter that they land on if they’ve mastered letter recognition