When to Start Preparing for the K G&T

A question that we hear often from parents is when to start preparing their child for the G&T exam. We wish the answer were simple— it depends on your child!

The G&T exam requires the children to have a certain level of knowledge in several areas. We refer to these as the "core skills", and the children who are proficient in these areas are likely to learn the G&T materials faster.

These core skills consist of the child knowing:

  1. numbers 1-15 ✓

  2. simple addition and subtraction ✓

  3. colors ✓

  4. shapes ✓

  5. letters ✓

  6. simple patterns ✓

  7. prepositional phrases ✓

What makes this exam difficult is more than just its test of knowledge, it’s the focus and stamina that it demands. It’s a rigorous obstacle course that includes above age-level material with sitting still for a 1-2 hr period, and concentrating on the material for the entire duration. To make matters more stressful, the questions are only asked once. 

For most children under the age of 5 (as well as over the age of 5!), this is a Herculean task. It’s a lot to ask of a child to not move around, get distracted, or retain information after hearing it once! If this is what your child needs the most amount of help with, and especially if this is the first test that they will have ever taken, then they may benefit from having more time in order to fully teach and train them how to take a test. 

At Lil’ Eggheads, the way we determine a child's skill level is by giving them an evaluation test, and depending on their results we can get a sense of how much preparation is needed and in what areas your child needs a boost in. 

As parents, you can do this too! Simply run through the core skills listed above, and see how they are with sitting still reviewing these skills with you in one sitting. This can give you a good sense of how ready they are to start G&T prepping. If they’re overly squirmy and unfocused, or have a tough time with numbers, shape, color, letter, and pattern recognition, it may be good to start your preparation at least the summer before your application. 

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