Gifted & Talented Test

What is it?

The NYC Gifted and Talented Test is comprised of two assessments (OLSAT and NNAT) aimed at identifying gifted children in NYC. It is administered to children entering Kindergarten- 2nd grade every January as part of the NYC gifted and talented program application. 

Children across the 5 boroughs are able to test for the gifted and talented program in their district and for the citywide programs. If your child was born in 2014, they are eligible to take the Kindergarten G&T in January 2019. (

(Image of NNAT and OLSAT table)

Where can I apply?

You can look up the G&T programs in your district:

You can also apply to one or all of the five citywide schools in NYC. These schools are open to children from all districts in NYC:

  • New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math (Manhattan/K-12)

  • Anderson School (Manhattan/K-8)

  • Talented and Gifted School for Young Scholars (TAG) (Manhattan/K-8)

  • Brooklyn School of Inquiry (Brooklyn/K-8)

  • The Science, Technology, Enrichment, and Math (STEM) Academy (Queens/K-8)

How do I apply?

Mid-November 2018: Submit Request for Testing (RFT) form here. Once you submit a request, you will be allowed to choose a date and time. I recommend choosing a time of day where your student is sharpest and at their best.

Once you get your results, you can apply to G&T schools of your choice in order of preference

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How do I prep?