Education Intervention Services

Available for children ages 3 - 8 (preschool - 2nd Grade)


What is “education intervention”?

Traditional tutoring focuses solely on teaching materials and concepts. As clinically trained Education Interventionists, we look to understand and improve the student’s relationship to the material as well as their knowledge of the concept. We want to help our students foster a love of learning and work through any resistance they have with certain subjects or school in general.

Research shows that a student’s behavior, temperament, environment, and self-esteem influence their learning style. With our mental health training, we are able to address the impact of all these factors and tailor our lessons to each student’s needs, in order to improve their academic performance and attitude toward learning.


what we work on with children

  • Early Literacy

  • Reading, Phonics, & Decoding

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Early Numeracy & Patterns

  • Mathematics

    We work with children to learn their ABCs, letter sounds, and 123s, as well as students in elementary school who are struggling with concepts they’re learning at school. When nightly homework time becomes a battleground, we work with children and families to lessen the tension and improve understanding of the academic material.


session content

Within the sessions, we work on the academics as well as the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects that impact the way the students work. Using our own customized materials, books, games, and at times the student’s own homework, we tackle the educational concepts as well as the roadblocks that prevent academic growth.

We teach our students how to identify their emotions, develop impulse control, solve problems, and concentrate. These skills not only help them in the classroom, but help to develop them into better learners who are excited to tackle any academic challenges that come their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

how do sessions work?

Each session is individually tailored to fit the student’s needs. The sessions are an hour long, spending 50 minutes working on content and the last 10 minutes are spent with the parent(s) reviewing what was done during the session.

Before starting sessions, we arrange a consultation with one or more parents to learn more about the child’s needs and collaborate on session goals. Then, we use an evaluation to get a sense of the child’s skill level and develop the curriculum based off of those results.

can the sessions focus on more than one subject area?

Yes! We want to work with your child on anything that they need support in. For children in preschool, sessions typically focus on Early Literacy & Numeracy, and some elementary school students receive support in Reading, Phonics, & Decoding as well as Mathematics.

There is no limit to what your child works on within sessions; however, if your child needs support in multiple subject areas it might be beneficial to have more than one session per week in order to allow time to sufficiently cover all of the material.

How frequently should my child have sessions?

Each child’s needs are different. Some benefit from a once weekly session, and others prefer twice a week support. During the intake and evaluation process we will gather the information we need to make our recommendation. We do not recommend more than twice a week sessions, as this will lead to burn out.

What are the rates and prices?

We offer the option to pay-as-you-go for individual sessions as well as various packages. Rates & prices vary depending upon the frequency of sessions and what type of support your child needs. Fill out our intake form and we will respond with a price within 24 hours.