Astoria Summer Reading Program

July 13th - August 31st

With vacations and summer camps, it can be hard to squeeze in that summer reading practice! This Saturday reading program consists of 3 - 4 students and meets each weekend at Astoria Lutheran School.

Students will work in their age group to build their reading, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Sessions will consist of group activities, reading and writing exercises, and learning games, too!

Available for children who are entering Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade in the fall of 2019.



Skills Worked On:

  • Reading, Phonics, & Decoding

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Fluency

  • Writing


  • Phone Consultation

  • Initial Evaluation

  • Reading Level Assessment

  • Session Reports

  • Individualized Parent Feedback


How It Works:

  1. All sessions are an hour long. The program is available in packages of 6 or 8 sessions. This way your family has the flexibility to accommodate for any trips or other camps your child may be involved in!

  2. To register, click the Register button above and enter in your information in the form. In particular, be sure to let us know in the form when you will be available for a phone consultation.

  3. During this consultation, we want to learn more about your child. Tell us about your child and we'll collaborate on goals within the scope of the program so we know how to help them grow.

  4. Sessions will take place at Astoria Lutheran School. Your child will be working in a group of 2-3 other students in sessions facilitated by one of our clinically trained educators.

  5. Afterward, parents will receive individualized feedback and session reports emailed to them with details on their child's progress to help them grow.