Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Lil' Eggheads different?

At Lil’ Eggheads, we approach education through a mental health lens. This means we look beyond the material and at the students themselves. A student’s behavior, temperament, environment, and self-esteem influences their learning style. As mental health professionals, we can tailor our lessons to target all these factors.

The best students are curious and confident, and we want to grow these attributes in our students. With our combined mental health and education experience, we have the tools to do so.

What does Lil' Eggheads teach?

Lil’ Eggheads specializes in early elementary school prep. We work with children to learn their ABCs, letter sounds, and 123s, as well as students in elementary school who are struggling with concepts they’re learning at school. When nightly homework time becomes a battleground, we work with children and families to lessen the tension and improve understanding of the academic material.

In addition, we prepare students for several NYC elementary entrance exams: G&T Exam, Stanford-Binet, and AABL. 

What is the age range of students?

We work with students ages 3 to 8, or preschool through 2nd grade. 

Where do the sessions happen?

We offer sessions at your home and in our Greenpoint office.

Who teaches the sessions?

Sessions are taught by a member of the Lil’ Eggheads team. Each clinically trained Education Interventionist has a background in education as well as mental health, which is the basis for our unique approach. 

How does a typical session work?

All sessions are an hour long. This consists of 50 minutes of teaching and 10 minutes of processing the session with the parent(s). We want to keep you in the loop about your student’s progress and teach you ways to support what they’re learning.

What types of materials are used?

We use a combination of customized worksheets, activities, and games in each session. For test prep sessions we use our own Lil’ Eggheads testing materials.

Do you offer single sessions or packages?

We offer both! We offer the option to pay-as-you-go for single sessions, as well as packages of various sizes depending upon the program.

Visit our Test Prep page for more information about our session and package rates. For our Education Intervention program, rates & prices vary depending upon the frequency of sessions and what type of support your child needs. Fill out our intake form and we will respond with a price within 24 hours.

How do I get started?

If you’d like to learn more about our services, we invite you to connect with us by clicking the button below to fill out a booking form and we will contact you shortly!