Lil’ Eggheads is an one-on-one, individualized tutoring service for children entering Pre-K through 2nd Grade.

We offer test prep sessions and phonics/math sessions at-home as well as at our Greenpoint office.

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We offer a variety of test prep sessions and classroom prep sessions. Click for more information about our sessions and what they entail. 

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What Makes Us Different?

At Lil’ Eggheads, we approach education through a mental health lens. This means we look beyond the material to view the whole child. Successful students are curious and confident, and we nurture these qualities in our students.

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Our weekly blog provides tips and tricks on how to support what your child learns in sessions, dealing with testing nerves, and more!

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Using our mental health approach, we look beyond the material and at the students themselves. We tailor sessions to students' academic, social, and emotional needs.